In case you thought Trump wasn’t going to come for the artists, think again. The president elect’s proposed sweeping cuts include a total elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, which means we’ll need to rely more than ever on funding and support from local arts organizations and cultural groups. And each other, obviously.

Lucky for us, we live in New York City. No matter your medium, there’s a nonprofit somewhere in NYC with the resources and mission to help you flex your creativity and get your art out into the world. We’ve rounded up nine artist opportunities for 2017 — with deadlines! — to help keep you accountable, motivated, and compensated in dollars as well as exposure bucks.

Artist studio space is hard enough to come by these days without having to worry about how you’re going to afford it. FTFY: The Sharpe Walentas Studio program awards rent-free “non-living” studio space to visual artists, so you can get back to worrying about a blank canvas instead of an empty bank account. 17 artists are awarded the free space, pictured above, for one year. 24/7 access, freight and passenger elevators, communal kitchen spaces, slop sinks, restroom and lounge with wi-fi.

Artists will be chosen on merit, which is determined by a professional jury of artists and advisors. Open to anyone 21+ who is a U.S. resident or citizen, and is not currently enrolled in a degree-granting program. Apply with CV, statement of need and portfolio here.

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—  Sam Corbin for Brokelyn

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