Randy Wray

Randy Wray makes large, amorphous sculptures that undulate between bodies and landscapes, figures and ground. His works are made from a variety of found and collected materials—junk mail, discarded polystyrene packaging, broken furniture, worn out clothing, seashells, dried mushrooms, natural clay, geodes, and crystals—often then covered in a layer of papier-mâché and pigment. He builds objects intuitively, as a form of mental exercise. The resulting encrusted forms hover teasingly between representation and abstraction, and suggest any manner of associations—mythological creatures, ancient sunken treasure, abstracted portrait busts, geodes, or more, always eluding full comprehension. Wray’s paintings take on similar rotund, layered and abstract forms, but are built more markedly on repetition, often repeating a similar biological form across dozens of paintings of different colors and scales.

Born 1965, Reidsville, NC
1990 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Madison, ME
1987 Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, New York Studio Residency Program, New York, NY
1987 BFA Maryland Institute of the Arts, Baltimore, MD

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