Randy Wray

Randy Wray’s sculptures are made from humble materials: junk mail, discarded polystyrene packaging, worn out clothing, and broken furniture. He recycles and repurposes the detritus of our castaway culture, exploring themes of transformation, faith, and redemption.

Wray’s sculptures are built up slowly and deliberately, combining objects and materials by wiring, weaving, and gluing elements together until forms begin to emerge. He approaches painting similarly, mixing techniques and strategies to combine fragments of appropriated and invented imagery in various modes of representation and abstraction with passages of painting gestures.

Wray’s multifaceted approach explores a number of seeming opposites—representation and abstraction, beauty and grotesquerie, natural and manmade, naïve and sophisticated—to forge new paths of connection.

Born 1965, Reidsville, NC
1987 Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, New York Studio Residency Program, New York, NY
1987 BFA Maryland Institute of the Arts, Baltimore, MD
1990 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Madison, ME

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