Julie Curtiss

Julie Curtiss paints domestic scenes and close-cropped portraits that create an eerie, surreal reality. Concentrating primarily on depictions of stereotypical female and sexualized forms—waves of shining hair, pointy-heeled boots, painted talons, pointed nipples—Curtiss mocks and wholly upends the comfort of domestic bliss with complementary humor and darkness. In iridescent jewel tones, the artist channels the playful and radical cartoonic figures of the Chicago Imagists, the graphic precision of Japanese “Ukiyo-e” painting, and the psychoanalytic symbolism of Surrealism. She quotes well-known paintings from western art history in some of her paintings, making the familiar uneasy. Her technique mixes different mediums such as acrylic, vinyl, and oil on canvas to form her graphic, illustrative style.

Brooklyn, NY
Born 1982, Les Lilas, France
MFA École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

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