Derek Fordjour

Derek Fordjour is a multimedia artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. Focusing on sports, games, carnivals, and circuses, Fordjour is interested in revealing the governing power structures of these subjects as a larger metaphor for broader human existence. Fordjour’s painted and collaged portraits in acrylic, charcoal, and oil pastel rarely meet the gaze of their subjects straight-on, implying a melancholic distance between the physical and psychological states of its sitters. His kaleidoscopic yet muted colors evoke a carnivalesque atmosphere that always exists beneath a nondescript, dull layer of gray, resembling a nostalgic fog or the noise of a crowd.

New York, NY
Born 1974, Memphis, TN
2001 BA Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
2002 EdM Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
2016 MFA from Hunter College, New York, NY

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