Carrie Elston Tunick

Carrie Elston Tunick’s videos layer and overlay found YouTube footage, primarily low-resolution and mundane clips. The videos she chooses—as heterogeneous as swooshing ocean waves, monochrome-filtered atomic bomb explosions, political protests, football practices, presidential addresses, or Black Friday shopping stampedes—feature repetitive patterns and recognizable audio, lending themselves to meditative scrutiny. Her videos focus on shared emotional reactions, emphasizing moments of love and sanctioned violence. By overlaying content to blur specific details, Elston Tunick focuses on the collective experience rather than individual narratives. The overall effect is bright, abstract, shimmering, and visceral, in direct dialogue with Elston Tunick’s painting practice. In all her different mediums, Elston Tunick zeroes in on the collective consciousnesses built around religion, politics, pop culture, sports, consumerism, and natural disasters.

New York, NY
Born 1980, Washington DC
2010 MFA Hunter College, New York, NY
2003 BA Yale University, New Haven, CT

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