Angela Fraleigh

Angela Fraleigh is an oil painter who uses traditional painting techniques to challenge male-dominated art historical narratives, creating new environments for female figures appropriated from centuries-old European masterworks, or other male-derived sources such as literature, art history, semiotics, and social theories, that relegate women to the margins or shadows. Weaving together realism and abstraction in lush and complex fashions, her work draws upon personal narrative and ranges from intimate to monumental portraits that reimagine women’s roles in art history, literature, and contemporary media. Questioning how cultural narratives are written and impact our daily lives and interactions, Fraleigh’s paintings utilize Rococo and Baroque paintings, romance novels, and fairytales as sources and recast peripheral female characters into daring heroines within newly constructed narratives with a goal of restoring their autonomy, agency, and power.

Allentown, PA
Born 1976, Beaufort, SC. Raised Salt Point, NY
1998 BFA Boston University, Boston, MA
2003 MFA the Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT

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