Ana Wieder-Blank

Ana Wieder-Blank works in painting, ceramics, printmaking, and performance to reinterpret ancient mythology from Greece and India, the Torah, and fairy tales through a contemporary lens. She changes the narratives, characters, and morals from these stories to reveal and reframe the derogatory lessons they contain about women, non-white people, and queer love. A self-proclaimed maximalist, Weider-Blank has a thick, broad-stroked, gestural style that is utterly unique amid common contemporary faux-naive painting styles and expresses the heartfelt urgency and sincerity of her practice. In her work she takes up themes including outsider marginalization, queer sexuality, environmental concerns, and rape and consent—so common to art history and myriad mythologies. She weaves these ancient themes into contemporary politics, referencing current events and well-known political characters to connect them to our recurring and founding myths.

New York, NY
Born 1983, Silver Spring, MD
2011 MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

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